Riding Royal Rajasthan - Itinerary
Riding Royal Rajasthan - Itinerary
Riding Royal Rajasthan - Itinerary
Riding Royal Rajasthan - Itinerary
Riding Royal Rajasthan - Itinerary
Riding Royal Rajasthan - Itinerary
Riding Royal Rajasthan - Itinerary
Riding Royal Rajasthan - Itinerary
Riding Royal Rajasthan - Itinerary
Riding Royal Rajasthan - Itinerary
Riding Royal Rajasthan - Itinerary
Riding Royal Rajasthan - Itinerary

Riding Royal Rajasthan - Itinerary

Udaipur Jagdesh Temple

Day 1

12 mile / 20 km

You arrive at the Udaipur airport today and get transferred to the hotel. Throughout these first two days, you will see how Udaipur itself wears many colors of Rajasthan. This afternoon, we take you on a half-day guided walk to the largest and most beautiful, Indo-Aryan Lord Jagadish temple (built in the year 1651). Next, we move on to the Udaipur City Palace, one of the architectural marvels of Rajasthan, located peacefully on the banks of Lake Pichola. You may choose to take an optional boat ride in the pristine blue waters of this lake.

Day 2

19 mile / 30 km


Today you explore this ‘City of Lakes’ as you pedal along the countryside. The rural landscape of this state has a magic of its own. Have your breakfast, take tips for safe riding from your trip leader and get ready to ride!
You cycle into a typical Rajasthani village where mud-houses, farmers-at-work and women in their bright-colored attires are seen busy making their handicrafts. This is an arresting sight for first time visitors of this country. You also say hello to the kingfisher birds, langurs, cows, goats and peacocks as you ride your bike alongside Lake Pichola, Badi and Fateh Sagar.
In the evening, you go for some colorful street shopping. It is an electrifying experience to walk on the never-ending streets splashed with bright textiles, miniature paintings, silver jewelry, ethnic bags and more.
At the end of these two days, you’re not sure what to call this Citadel of Mewar (a kingdom ruled by the Sisodia dynasty for 1200 Years) - 'The City of Lakes' for its picturesque lakes, or 'The City of Romance' for its palaces and marvelous architecture or else 'The City of Colors' for its music, art and culture.

Day 3

39 mile / 63 km

You start early today and drive out of the city for half an hour to avoid Udaipur city traffic. Your ride starts from Iswal and you cycle till Kumbhalgarh. As you ride into the mountains that take you close to Aravallis and the terrain keeps getting challenging. On the way you witness the lifestyle of Bhil tribals - an indigenous tribal people of India and one of the oldest inhabitants of the subcontinent. In the evening, you visit the Kumbhalgarh Fort that sits peacefully at the hill-top. Along with five other forts in Rajasthan, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013 under the group "Hill Forts of Rajasthan".

Day 4

49 mile / 79 km

Get ready to experience one of the most scenic rides of this trip as you ride down the Aravalis. You perform daring maneuvers and cycle past Dhok trees (Anogeissus Pendula) on a strewn topography. Enroute you may see camels and blue bulls as you ride past swaying masses of yellow mustard and wheat. The Dhok plant splashes some green on the pale brown stretches along the way. You bike past the rugged Aravalis, downhill near Desuri village and largely remain on a flat terrain before reaching the Garrison Fort of Jojawar, a.k.a Rawla Jojawar, this fort is now converted into a heritage hotel which is where you rest tonight.

Day 5

30 mile / 50 km

India Travel Rajasthan Jodhpur Blue City

You make an early start and cycle past the lush millet vegetation, carpets of yellow mustard fields and some amount of wildlife too - deers, black ducks and camels to reach Jodhpur. On the way you ride pass the Sardar Samand Lake Palace and the site of the first Chipko Movement, Khejarli village. After riding 30 mi/50 km you finally reach the ‘Sun City’ of India. However, you now start noticing the colorful topography as you see blue painted houses basking under the bright yellow sunlight to strike a contrast with the pale sand brown color of the city. Hence, Jodhpur is also referred to as the ‘Blue City’ of India.
DID YOU KNOW? Jodhpur is the ‘Sun City’ of India for the bright, sunny weather it enjoys all the year round. It is also the ‘Blue City’ for the old city area where most traditional people, and especially the priests have painted their houses with blue, an auspicious color, also known to keep the termites away and the houses cooler during scorching summers. Colorful Jodhpur too, isn’t it?

Day 6

28 mile / 45 km


Today you will ride on a flat terrain to pass the Indroka village. You only ride until Tiwari village and then take a short drive to reach the Osian desert. It is an oasis in the Thar Desert, and has been known as the ‘Khajuraho of Rajasthan’ for its temples. In the evening you visit The Lord Mahavir Jain temple that stands out for its ancient architecture and enjoy the cultural folk dance and music by the sand dunes of Osian. Tonight you rest at the Reggie's Camel Camp, a luxury tent resort near the small village of Osian.

Day 7

29 mile / 47 km


As you ride pass a plethora of colorful villages, you get the real taste of Rajasthan’s countryside. Most of the roads in Rajasthan are made of asphalt. Today, as you ride through small villages you witness roads that are either broken or have been cobbled, thus making it difficult to use road bikes. So we provide you with mountain bikes to make the ride easy. Today you will experience Rajasthan’s countryside firsthand and encounter pink-turbaned men, women carrying fodder in colorful skirts and camel carts plying along the roads. You ride through few villages and then we drive you to the 400 years old, Hotel Fort Khejarla, an outstanding example of Rajasthan’s royal architecture that rises up from the desert like a sunbeam.

Day 8

27 mile / 44 km

India Travel Rajasthan Pushkar Camel Festival
After breakfast we make an early start to leave for Pushkar, situated at the shore of Lake Pushkar, it is one of the oldest cities of India. The rural terrain is challenging for pedaling especially, near the talcum plantation. Steep walls along narrow lanes, shops overflowing on to the street, animals everywhere, open septic drains, children playing, old people resting on the roads - is the sight of real rural India but poses difficulty in cycling. You cycle until Banjakudi and then take a support vehicle till Pushkar. If arriving between 08th -15th November, late afternoon you participate in the grand celebrations at the annual Pushkar Camel Fair. Apart from the buying and selling of livestock, it has become an important tourist attraction and known to attract thousands of people, camels, sheep, cows and goat from across boundaries.

Day 9

25 mile /40 km

Today you ride out of the ‘Holy City’ of Pushkar and take your final ride to the ‘Pink City’ of Jaipur. Our support vehicle will take you to the ancient capital Amber, a popular host to the Amber Fort. It is important that we reach Jaipur by 9:30 am so that we can take an elephant ride to the Amber Fort situated on the hill before the last ride closes down at 11 am. Later on, we visit the City Palace, Jantar Mantar (Solar observatory) and enjoy panoramic views of the Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds) and Jal Mahal (Palace on Water).

Day 10

Shuttle to Jaipur Airport

This day brings you to the end of romance and grandeur, culture and tradition, color and compose of Royal Rajasthan as you bid adieu to your crew and this place. Once you have travelled through Rajasthan, you realize that the voyage never ends, but it is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers of your mind that it can never break off from it.
You board the morning flight to Delhi as our shuttle drops you to the airport.
As this journey ends, a new one begins…

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