Limitless Ladakh - Bike Tour Itinerary
Limitless Ladakh - Bike Tour Itinerary
Limitless Ladakh - Bike Tour Itinerary
Limitless Ladakh - Bike Tour Itinerary
Limitless Ladakh - Bike Tour Itinerary
Limitless Ladakh - Bike Tour Itinerary
Limitless Ladakh - Bike Tour Itinerary
Limitless Ladakh - Bike Tour Itinerary
Limitless Ladakh - Bike Tour Itinerary

Limitless Ladakh - Bike Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Arrival at Leh


We know you’re excited, but acclimatization is one of the important things to prepare for while planning trip to Ladakh. The fact that Leh and most of the places in Ladakh are located above the altitude of 10,000 ft, visitors often suffer from dizziness, headaches or even acute mountain sickness (AMS). So dedicating a day to acclimatize your body to the high altitude condition does more good than harm! You can simply take a walk around the city. 

Day 2

Leh to Hymia
28 mile / 45 Km - 5/6 hrs


Wake up early, have a hearty breakfast and drive up to Karu with SAG vehicle. On our way we pay a visit to Ladakh’s largest monastery - the Thiksey Monastery. Enjoy a clear view of the Indus Valley and some monasteries like Shey, Stok and Matho. At 9:30 am you get onto your bikes and ride upstream along the Indus River. After Upshi, you gradually ascend up and continue uptil Hymia, our first campsite. Fun Fact of the Day: Thiksey means in ‘perfect order’. Do ask our trip leader to narrate the interesting story behind this name.

Elevation gain: 2,370 ft / 722 m


Day 3

Hymia to Chumathang
37 mile / 60 km - 5/6 hrs


Today we ride across a number of hamlets and a small pass at Kiari to arrive at Chumathang on the way to Tso Moriri is famous for the Chumathang Hot Springs. You get to try out some local delicacies at some small dhabas or restaurants here for lunch and then ride 2 km to the east to visit the hot springs. We then cross the Mahe Bridge which has a police check post that might want to look at your Inner Line Permits. Tonight you will set camp near the stream.

Elevation gain: 3,378 ft/ 1,029 m



Day 4

Chumathang to Korzok (Tso moriri)
51 mile / 82 km - 6/7 hrs


It’s a fairly easy day as you gradually ascend up to Sumdo uptil the ThasangKuru pass. Don't forget to stop by the small but mesmerizing Kyagar Tso, a lake with vivid hues of blue and turquoise, which will serve as an appertizer to the larger & grander Moriri Tso. You follow up with a ride to the Korzok village which has a lovely small monastery & lots of weather beaten but smiling faces. We stay in tents here tonight. Fun Fact of the day: Tso means Lake in Ladakh. Kyagar is the name of this lake.

Elevation gain: 4,473 ft/ 1,363 m


Day 5

Karzok Gustor Festival

Karzok Gustor Festival

Today, you get to witness the For two days a year, the rickety Gompa in the tiny village of Korzok, on the shores of the remote and high altitude Lake Tsomoriri in Ladakh comes alive with monks, pilgrims and Chang-pa nomads for the Gustor festival. Masked monks perform stories from Buddhist teachings and the legendary Black Hat dance commemorating the assassination of an apostate king by some Buddhist monk centuries ago. This is called the nomadic tribe festival. With faces etched by time and the harshness of the environment; interactions with the nomads are a highlight of the entire festival. BIRDING: Korzok Monastery is on the banks of The TsoMoriri Lake which is famous for Bird watching so keep your audio video technology ready to interact with various birds species.

Day 6

Korzok to Puga
42 mile / 68 km - 5/6 HRS

Puga valley

After breakfast we leave the village of Korzok, shuttle 13 mile / 20 km and back till Sumdo, then ride towards Tsokar and camp at Puga Valley. You’ll be amazed to know that the Puga valley of Ladakh is identified by the GSI (Geological Survey of India) as the most promising of 350 geothermal energy locations in the country. You also visit few of the more than a hundred hot springs of temperatures varying from 28" to 84°C (local boiling point) dotted around Puga.

Elevation gain: 1,595 ft/ 486 m


Day 7

Puga to Thukjay (Tso Kar)
22 mile / 36 km - 6/7 hrs

The Tso Kar known for its size and depth is a fluctuating salt lake. Until a few years ago this white lake was an important source of salt, which the Changpa nomads used to export to Tibet. You can ride around the basin of the Tso Kar and the adjoining More Plains which are natural habitats to colonies of grebes, brown-headed gulls, strip geese, rust geese and terns, black-necked cranes, Tibetan grouse, the kiang, Tibetan gazelles, Tibetan wolves and foxes; Yaks and horses.

Elevation gain: 1,945 ft/ 593 m


Day 8

Tso Kar to Rumptse
44 mile / 71 km - 7/8 hrs


A relatively hard day as you cross the last pass before Leh, the Taglang La. Bid adieu to Tsokar and pedal back to the main road to begin a long climb that gradually winds even higher and steeper to the top of the Taglang La. Take a moment to pat your back - you have just cycled to the top of the 2nd highest motorable road pass in the World! Mesmerizing views of Twin Mountains – the Himalaya and the Karakorum - reward you for this accomplishment. You take rest, click some pictures and descent zig zag down only to be greeted by true life – houses, green fields of barley and potatoes and smiling faces of villagers at Rumptse.

Elevation gain: 3,614 ft/ 949 m



Day 9

Rumptse to Leh
47 mile / 76 km - 7/8 hrs


A relatively easy descent to Upshi following the Kyamnar River. Here you join the Indus Valley, which you follow all the way into Leh. But first you make a diversion, a climb of 7km/4mi to visit the largest of all the monasteries in India - Hemis. You then cycle down to Karu and continue on to Thiksey to pay visit to Future Buddha and cycle down easily along the ruins of Shey Palace. You reach Choglamsar, a home to many Tibetan refugees and leave the mighty Indus to climb into Leh. Tonight you can enjoy the comforts of a hot shower in a hotel in Leh.

Elevation gain: 1,667 ft/ 508 m

Day 10

Leh – Khardungla
51 mile / 82 km


Leh It’s a big day as you will set off for the much awaited Khardung - La Pass at daybreak. Cycling 26 miles and gaining 2,000 m (6,600ft) elevation, this is the ultimate challenge of the trip. It is the highest motorable road in the world taking you to a dizzy 5,600m! The view from the top is spectacular, stretching from the Indus valley in the South over the endless peaks and ridges of the Zanskar range to the giants of the Saser Massif in the North.

Elevation gain: 6,950 ft/ 2,118 m

Day 11

Leh to Delhi

Today post breakfast, you depart from Leh for Delhi with a feeling of pride which is brilliant and breathtaking literally, just as we promised!

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