Bike Street Boys Adventure Comes to a Happy Ending

Bike Street Boys (BSB) has always believed that the best way to travel is on a bike. From the majestic Himalayas to the plush beaches of South India, we pushed our bodies to their physical limits by biking hard, followed of course by rewarding ourselves relaxing in some of the most serene locales on the planet. Our endeavors were no small feat and we gleaned valuable knowledge about conserving our personal resources and maintaining our fortitude.

In riding 50 miles a day, climbing 18,000 ft. peaks (Manali to Leh), we learned to savor our meals and cherish the air we breathe. From Bhutan to Rajasthan, we built everlasting memories that will never be replicated. From Pondicherry to Bhutan, we bonded with people, learned their culture, and opened our eyes to a world a relative few get to see. We scouted and forged routes that Google maps didn’t know existed. All while on a bicycle, safe and happy.

We want to thank our customers and team members as BSB would not be possible without them. But, just like all our successful journeys, the BSB adventure has come to an end. Our ride may be over in the current form, but now we begin our next chapter, giving our everlasting BSB family the opportunity to grow further from this treasured experience.

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