India, Beyond Business Meetings

  • Travelling to India for business meetings, conference or events ?
  • Make time to unwind and gather local experiences.
  • Cycling - Best way to discover a city, culture, communities and contours of a country.

Everlasting experience for extraordinary executives


The shared experience of long-distance cycling is a great way to build working relationships, marketing and networking.


Cycling is the new golf and fast catching up as the preferred way of networking for the modern professional.


Talk business and careers, reflect on ideas for new start-ups and discuss the latest in world affairs over a bike ride.

Our Difference

Our Vision

The hard part isn’t starting a bike company. The hard part is making something that lasts. The hard part is the key to what we do, and who we are that defines how we do it.

Focus on India

Going on a cycling vacation with Bike Street Boys isn't just about taking a vacation. Attempting to experience the gorgeousness of the Indian sub-continent from the seat of your bike is inspiring, worthy and enjoyable. It is perfect.

5 Star rating

The guest reviews are on publicly available on Facebook and TripAdvisor; our trips leaders aren’t just experts in riding; they’re trained in delivering uncompromising levels of service in ways you won’t believe.

Joy of Giving

If you have a yen to see the world, and want to have an authentic experience while doing some good your search is over.

High Quality Bikes

How, why, when, which, what – we know these mechanical wonders that will allow you to accelerate at wind whistling speed on the road.

1-o-1 trips Consultation

Our trip consultants are dedicated to learning about your individual needs. Its just one part of our unrivaled support.

How do you measure magic?

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