Every company has a story to tell, and we have one too! A story that leads us towards a brighter future. We are a bunch of cyclists and globetrotters who get asked several questions about INDIA. The vast history, religion and spirituality and the diversity of India in culture, cuisine, customs, communities and contours has captured the imagination of all those who are wanderlust across the world. Along with these questions, there were also stories of cyclists or their friends, who did not get the best experience or taste of India. From Delhi belly to traffic and pollution stories, we have heard them all. Boom! That’s how the idea of Bike Street Boys was born to change how world sees and experiences India. What is great about Bike Street Boys is that it is a bridge and not a goal. A strong and sustainable bridge between real India and rest of the world.


Poets, presidents, prime ministers and prime-time newscasters have said great things about cycling and so do we!

Bike Street Boys is a premier bicycle tour company that firmly believes nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike tour. Only a bike can take you places and open new perspectives like none other.

Riding bicycles not only benefits the individual doing it, but the world at large. Cycling is one of the greatest feelings of freedom one can have in a metropolitan environment. And incorporating cycling in your travel or holiday plan is the best thing you can do. You can ride through a city or explore the countryside and whiz from one side to another in minutes.

Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or a newbie, you’ll know it when you experience it - bike travel gives you heaps of freedom, plus it's eco-friendly and a great form of exercise. Hence, you won’t need tips for shedding any holiday fat.


Bike Street Boys provides incomparable cycling tours and holidays in the stunning landscapes of India. Our cycling road trips are meant for cyclists who are seeking to explore India's vast cultural diversity, preserved historical sites, local colorful markets and untouched scenic beauty.

All our trips are end-to-end serviced and fully supported to prevent any hiccups along the way for our guests. From the moment, they land on Indian soil all they need to do is focus on the ride, relish in the stunning landscapes and rejuvenate in truly unique hospitality.

We select high quality bicycles and equipment, most scenic, remote and countryside routes, excellent accommodation and dedicated tour support to make this a breathtaking experience.









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