About us

We believe that the best way to experience India is from the seat of a bicycle.

BikeStreetBoys provides incomparable cycling tours and holidays in the stunning landscapes of India. Our cycling road trips are meant for cyclists who are seeking to explore India's vast cultural diversity, preserved historical sites, local colorful markets and untouched scenic beauty.
We provide fully supported tours to prevent any hiccups along the way while you capture lasting memories, relish in the stunning landscapes and rejuvenate in truly unique hospitality.
We select high quality bicycles and equipment, most scenic, remote and countryside routes, excellent accommodation and dedicated tour support to give you a little breather amidst all breath taken!
Consider adding your email address to our backpackers list and we'll send you the ABCs (Astonishments, Brilliance and Colors) of India.

You can choose to call it biking, cycling or touring! We will always choose to call it letter for letter,

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