4 Questions Answered About Obtaining a Tourist Visa for India


The tourism and hospitality industry of India is one of the key drivers of rapid economic growth among the services sector in India. As per the World Travel & Tourism Council, tourism generated 6.3% of the nation's GDP in 2015 and supported 8.7% of its total employment. The sector is predicted to grow at an average annual rate of 7.5% to US$270 billion by 2025 (7.2% of GDP).
In this growth figure the Tourist Visa on Arrival (TVOA) Scheme by the Government of India has played a significant role. The main objective of this scheme is to encourage foreign travelers to visit India in a hassle-free manner even at a short notice.
In this article, we’ve attempted to answer the 4 most frequently asked questions by foreign visitors about obtaining a tourist visa when traveling to India.

Q1. Do I need to get a visa to go to India?

Yes, as a tourist visitor you need to have a visa to enter India unless you come from visa-exempt countries. You can either avail the online e-tourist visa services or if you belong to any of these countries you can avail the benefits of Tourist Visa on Arrival (TVOA) scheme by the Government of India.

Q2. What activities can one perform on a tourist visa?

A tourist visa is one that is granted to a foreigner who does not have a residence or occupation in India and whose sole objective of visiting India is recreation, sightseeing, casual visit to meet friends and relatives, short duration medical treatment or casual business visit.

Q3. How do you get a tourist visa for traveling to India?

India allows citizens of more than 100 countries to apply for an e-tourist visa or Tourist Visa on Arrival (TVoA) that permit entry into India for tourism.

Firstly, you need to fulfill the eligibility criteria for obtaining a tourist visa for India. Every traveler, including minor children, must each have a valid passport to obtain a visa to travel to India.

  • You need to possess a passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival to India.
  • You should have a return ticket or onward journey ticket.
  • You should have sufficient funds to spend during your stay in India.
  • International Travelers having Pakistani Passport or Pakistani origin may please apply for regular Visa at Indian Mission.
  • Not available to Diplomatic/Official Passport Holders.
  • Not available to individuals endorsed on Parent's/Spouse's Passport i.e. each one should have a separate passport.
  • Not available to International Travel Document Holders.

Application process:

Step ①: Online Application Submission: Upload your digital photo and scanned first page of passport. Applicants of eligible countries may apply online minimum 4 days in advance of the date of arrival with a window of 30 days.

Step ②: Online Visa Fee Payment: Pay visa fee online using your Credit/Debit card. TvoA fee is US$ 60 excluding interchange charge on your debit/credit card.  The fee must be paid 4 days before the expected date of travel filled by you otherwise the application won’t be processed. All visa fees once paid are non-refundable irrespective of the outcome of the visa application and duration granted.

Step ③: You will be sent an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) in case of a TVoA application and an Electronic Travel Visa (eTV) in case of an e-tourist visa application. Irrespective, travelers should carry along a copy of the ETA/eTV at the time of travel. Both are valid at 9 designated airports in India – Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Trivandrum.

Step ④: Fly to India.


Q4. What is the validity of an Indian tourist visa?

A tourist visa may be issued normally for 30 days to six months to even 10 years with single, double or multiple entries and is non-extendable and non-convertible. The duration of the visa is at the sole discretion of the Issuing Authority. Please note that the validity of Tourist Visa commences from the date of visa issuance and NOT from date of entry into India.

The Ministry of Tourism of India recognizes the immense potential that this incredible nation holds for attracting foreign tourists from across the globe. And hence, the ministry is leaving no stone unturned to make your experience as a tourist in India enriching and unforgettable. Travel to the diverse Indian states, through varied terrains – from snow mountain peaks to never ending coastlines and explore a history reaching back to 5 millennia.

To discover India with a twist, ride with us on two-wheels and fall in love with India at first, and every sight!

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