Should I Do A Bike Tour In India With Bike Street Boys?



Getting to ride through beautiful scenery during sunset is one of the great things about a bike tour. 

If you’re looking for a two-wheeled perspective while on vacation and wondering “Should I do a bike tour in India with Bike Street Boys?”, here’s a few reasons on why the answer is “YES”, and a look at India’s newest and most exciting bike tour operator.


Even though the streets were quite busy, we never felt in danger. Not to mention our guide, Tapesh, was there with us the entire time to ensure our safety.


Riding past one of Udaipur’s most famous site, the City Palace. We can only imagine how much we would see on a multi-day bike tour with a company like Bike Street Boys.

After an outstanding bike tour experience in Udaipur, we were excited to hear that our friendly tour guide, Tapesh Choubisa, has founded his own company, Bike Street Boys, to take cycling tourists through some of India’s most spectacular regions. We put together some of the top ten reasons why bike tours are a great way to experience India, and why the Bike Street Boys are one of the most reputable companies to go with.

Back in November 2014 we traveled to India and decided to do something a little different on a private bike tour around Udaipur. It took us out of the bustling city and into the rural surroundings, with an incredible tour leader named Tapesh Choubisa. Since that day, Tapesh has co-founded his own India bike tour company, named Bike Street Boys, which offers inspiring multi-day bike tours through some of India’s most outstanding landscapes.


Following Tapesh and Charlene through the countryside of Udaipur. The nice thing about doing a private bike tour was we were able to go at our own pace.

Knowing the different perspectives we gained on our bike tour and just how amazing it felt to be riding through the open, we were excited to read the itineraries that Tapesh and the Bike Street Boys are offering. These bike tours are designed for active people who really want to get off the beaten tourist path, taking you through spectacular Himalayan landscapes and through the wilds of Ladakh, with a few cultural festivals thrown in as well.

Ride over the highest motorable road in the world from Manali to Leh, or experience the Tibetan Buddhist culture as you tackle challenging Ladakh passes, all while being sandwiched between the Himalaya and Karakoram Mountains. The Bike Street Boys tours are the perfect way to combine an active adventure with an immersive travel experience, offering an authentic and captivating perspective on the country.

Here we’ve put together the top 10 reasons why doing a bike tour in India is one of the best ways to experience this culturally rich and inspiringly beautiful part of the world:


Taking a break from biking at one of Udaipur’s more quiet and peaceful lakes.

1. Get an intimate perspective on India

Exploring India on a bike tour offers a completely different perspective on the country, getting you away from the crowded tourist sights and out into the open for a more intimate look at this fascinating country.

2. Go off the beaten tourist path

Bike tours explore areas of India that aren’t accessible to cars or tour buses, allowing you to go off the beaten track to visit places that other tourists don’t get to see, and get a more authentic feel for the country.

3. It will keep your body active

Not only are you getting to see little-visited parts of India and spectacular landscapes, but you’re giving your body a good workout at the same time and squeezing plenty of exercise into your vacation.


Doing a bike tour means we can stop pretty much anytime and anywhere along the side of the road/trail, like we did here at a small temple.

4. Cover lots of kilometers

Even though you’re self-powered on two wheels, you will still cover a lot of ground on an India bike tour and get to see plenty of different sights and landscapes as you cycle between villages, towns, and cities.

5. Safe riding conditions

Although Indian roads appear crazy at first glance, the drivers are experienced in sharing the roads with bicycles, livestock, and people, making it much safer for bike riding than many other countries in the world.

6. Encounter spectacular scenery

Taking you through different elevations and with spectacular scenery around you, bike tours in India allow you to experience the raw beauty of the country and is ideal for photographers who want to capture it all.


Even though we each got a flat tire, Tapesh made sure we were back on the wheels in no time, and did so with a big smile!

7. Interact with the local people

Not only will you get to interact with friendly locals as you are riding through the rural landscapes, but arriving into villages and towns by bicycle will invoke a different welcome than tourists who come by car, and the genuine warmth of people will be a lasting memory.

8. Meet other, like-minded travelers

When you join a bike tour in India you will share the experience with other, like-minded travelers who want an active and engaging experience, and you are sure to come away with friends for life.


The sun slowly setting behind the Udaipur hills. We were able to appreciate our surroundings that much more because were on bikes (rather than in a car).

9. Find inner appreciation

Keen bikers will know that when you are pedaling under your own steam through new territory, there is an inner rush and appreciation for the big wide world out there, with plenty of time to contemplate life and find those rare moments of peace and tranquility.

10. Great value for your monetary investment

On a bike tour in India, you will pack a lot of culture, history, and landscapes into your trip, with each day offering new and unique encounters that you can pedal right up to. This makes bike tours great value for travelers who want to experience the most they can in the short time they have available and for the investment they’re making.

Go with a reputable, home-grown company like Bike Street Boys.


Our guide and now co-founder of Bike Street Boys, Tapesh, did an amazing job leading the way on our Udaipur bike tour

Let’s be honest – there are plenty of tour companies out there looking to make a quick dollar from unsuspecting travelers, and finding a reputable local company will be the difference between an incredible India bike tour experience and a dreadful one. Our personal experience on a bike tour with Tapesh Choubisa, the co-founder of Bike Street Boys, left us with nothing but praise for his professionalism and passion, and we know that he will bring that same pride and dedication to this new venture.

From the moment we met Tapesh he was friendly and warm, making us feel comfortable and safe behind our bike wheels as we navigated the challenging traffic of Udaipur. As an Indian local he knows the bike routes intimately, and is just as interested about getting to know you as he is about sharing with you his backyard.


One of the many sites and attractions we stopped at during our bike tour. Consider biking early in the morning or late in the afternoon to get the best lighting for photos

On our tour we were actually in the unlikely circumstance of all having flat tires during the trip, but Tapesh was equipped with three spares and changed them rapidly and with the same energy he brought to the whole adventure. We really felt like he went out of his way to make sure we had a great time, and even bought some fruit and snacks for us to refuel part way through!

When we finished our bike tour we knew we had experienced something special and had seen Udaipur through different set of eyes. Being out in the open and connected with the people and landscapes around you really is what sets bike tours apart from a traditional sightseeing tour, and we couldn’t recommend it enough to other active travelers. Knowing the passion and drive Tapesh demonstrated on our trip, we have no hesitation that he and the Bike Street Boys are going to provide outstanding service and unforgettable experiences for clients on their multi-day India bike tours.

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Henry Chen is a travel photographer, blogger and podcaster. Henry and his wife  Charlene have been documenting their travel experiences in their adventure travel blog 'Only A Day Away' to inspire more people to take on their dream journeys.

Disclaimer: Bike Street Boys is a partner of Only A Day Away, but all opinions expressed in this article are that of Only A Day Away and its owner, Henry Chen.

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