Royal Rajasthan - A bike tour to rediscover royalty


A word of caution before we begin: The resplendence of this Indian state might just astound you! Rajasthan is the breathtaking land of castles and colors; of forts and fairs; of sands and sunshine; of dunes and dances; of culture and camels.

While many epic stories and fables were born and buried in the soils of Rajasthan, and despite the cultural creaminess it inherits from history, we believe that its majestic beauty is persistently underrated on maps and media.

photography by henry chen

Rajasthan, except for the commercial and touristy limitations of a royal portrait remains vastly unexplored owing to its large size. By area, this North Indian state is the largest in this country and endowed with castles of kings, tombs their war heroes, and a melange of sand dunes and markets that create magnetic moments and everlasting memories. A bike tour in Rajasthan is a good idea because it allows you to go at your own pace acquainting with the local people and cultures of a place.

No destination is too far when you are on a bicycle

For those looking for a vacation with a twist, a perfect combination of cycling, hiking and walking tours can add the required amount of spice and ice to your holidays. What is the primary job of a bicycle? Its purpose is to make it easier for an individual to move about, and this the bicycle achieves in a natural way. Imagine a vast city like Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan endowed with at least ten popular tourist attractions you want to visit – City Palace, Amber Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Pink City Bazaars. On a bicycle, you can cover more distance and go at your own pace. You can easily plan and cover a circuit with your choice of monumental forts and castles, and foray into the many by-lanes, nooks and crannies to get an enriching local experience of Jaipur on a bike tour.

photography by henry chen

Bicycles make you true explorers (of the unexplored)

There are gazillions of things one can do under the sun (quite literally) in the cities of Rajasthan. Pushkar, situated at the shore of a lake, is one of the oldest cities of India. The rural terrain is interesting for pedaling especially, near the talcum plantation. Steep walls along narrow lanes, shops overflowing onto the street, animals everywhere including camels, children playing, old people resting on the roads - is the sight of real rural India that one wants to absorb slowly even though it poses a challenge in cycling. Such deep streets of Rajasthan’s interiors are so narrow that they can only be navigated only through a bike tour. Bicycles are conveniently enabling if you want to take a holy city tour of Pushkar and visit the Brahma temple, many Shiva temples, Savitri Mata temple, Gayatri temple, Sikh temple…and many more! A bike increases the chances of you, as an explorer, going further down that rabbit hole!

Bicycles allow you to indulge in foodie heavens

It is common to gain five or more pounds during a holiday. There is guilty binge eating associated with every travel story. Rajasthan is known (and infamous) for its platter, the Rajasthani thali which is an assortment of colorful and spicy dishes. While the cities of Rajasthan are dipped in grandeur and royalty, the local food is found dripping of curd, buttermilk and ghee. Few of the most famous dishes in Rajasthan like Dal Bati Churma and Gatte ki Sabzi are sinfully tempting! However, when on a bike journey you can eat it all and burn it away, paddling. In addition, you can easily ride to the little nook and corners to relish these tasty treats in the form of street food. You would otherwise probably, not tread on these roads on foot, if too hungry. Never miss the cuisine of Rajasthan ever again for the fear of gaining weight.

Bicycle touring in India is fast catching up! Globetrotters around the world are beginning to notice the value, quality and returns a bicycle promises in providing the real treasures of a country like India. As a sustainable tourism method bicycle touring allows both, conservation of the environment and conversations with nature at so many levels.

Travel like an explorer, travel fit, travel without any guilt: explore Royal Rajasthan on a bicycle.

We invite you to discover Rajasthan on a bike tour with our expert tourist guides. Explore Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaipur, Pushkar fair & ride into rural India on your cycling holiday with Bike Street Boys.

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